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DROP as a gathering place for children and their guardians. Why don’t you share joyful moment of raising children and embrace their smile little steps, and even crying, together in DROP. A door of DROP is open for you and your child, we always welcome you.

Please refer to 『@DROP Calender』 for monthly event and news. 
イベント情報(じょうほう)/Events in Our Community
Drop Schedule ( 285KB )
Summer Break Info of Each Facility for
Parents and Childen in the Kohoku Ward Area
●Konpei-tou : 4-1-55-101 Hiyoshi-Honcho
    → closed from 8/11 (Sat) to 8/17 (Fri)
●Hidamari : 1-22-27-1F Tarumachi
    → closed from 8/11 (Sat) to 8/19 (Sun).
●Bi-no Bi-no : 1-2-18 Shinohara-Kita
    → closed from 8/11 (Sat) to8/19 (Sun).
●Tomotomo :  6-25-10 Shin-yoshida-higashi
    → closed from 8/11 (Sat) to 8/19 (Sun).
●Takatan no Ouchi : 4-1-1 Takata-Nishi
    → closed from 8/10 (Fri) to 8/19 (Sun).
●DROP : 3-57-3 Okurayama and 
  Satellite :  3-1-7 Tsunashima-higashi
    → closed from 8/10 (Fri) to 8/13 (Mon).
●Tsudoi no Hiroba Pokke : 408-123-2F Kishine-cho
    → closed from 8/10 (Fri) to 8/19 (Sun).
"FUNTIME in the WATER" has begun!!
Every summer, we support babies and kids to enjoy their first time playing with WATER.  Our sand box outside will become a play pool on those dates below.
Come and have fun with us!
TIME: 10:30-14:30 (Break at lunchtime)
 @ Drop on 8/4, 18(Sat), 29(Wed)
 @ Satellite on 8/4, 25, 9/1 (Sat)
We will only have water in the pool on the avobe dates.  But children are always welcome to have fun playing in the MUD and the MUD POND!  Change of clothes and
towels is recommended.
Please follow the instructions below and prepare to get dirty! 
*Check your child’s temperature. 
*Do NOT use the playing pool when your child has diarrhea, summer cold, impetigo, water warts, conjunctivitis, any other infectious disease or just not feeling well.
*Wear a bathing suit, underwear or a diaper when playing in the pool.  
*Tie your child's  hair if it's long. Be cautious of the child's hair pins for safety reasons.
*Bring your own towel, cap, sandals or anything your child will be using in the pool.
*Children can NOT use the playing pool when there is an announce of a photochemical smog warning, the outside temperature is too low or during rain.
Kohoku Library Story Time in English
■ Date and Time: 8/11 (Sat) 15:00 - 15:30
 (held on 2nd Saturdays on even months)
■ Venue: Kohoku Library
■ Inq.: TEL: 045-421-1211 FAX: 045-431-5212
  (*in Japanese only)
*No reservation necessary
"Ho-ppu-ppu" Play Time at Satellite
■ Date and Time: 
8/9 (Thu) 10:00-11:30, in the courtyard; let's get muddy!
8/29 (Wed) 10:00-11:30, in the courtyard; let's paint!
■ Venue: Satellite
DROPPA @ Satellite - Daddy's Gathering
■ Date and Time: 8/18 (Thu) 12:00-
■ Venue: Satellite
■ Fee: \50
■ What to bring: Your own drinking cup, spoon/folk/chopsticks, and usual outing goods
Come and enjoy the hot summer day with Nagashi-somen noodles. No reservation necessary.
"Fratto" Salon at Satellite (Recording your child's "now")
■ Date and Time: 8/23 (Thu) 14:00-15:30
■ Venue: Satellite
Anyone with a child/children of 12 months old and under is welcome to take handprints and footprints.
There is no reservation necessary, so you can just stop by and have talks with other moms and staff.
However, if you have never used Drop or Satellite before, please come before 14:30 to fill out the user application form.
Kohoku Waku Waku Fire Department Festival
■Date: 8/23 (Thu) 12:00-15:00
■Venue: Shin-Yokohama Koen
This is an event for children, and there will be unusual fire vehicles and exhibition stands! 
Free of charge, and no reservation necessary. It will be canceled in case of rough weather.
■Inquiry: Fire Prevention Division, Kohoku Ward Fire Department (*in Japanese only)
TEL & FAX: 045-546-0119
"Kindergartens/Nursery Schools in Yokohama explained in Simple Japanese and English."
■Date: 8/31 (Fri) 10:00-11:30
■Venue: Satellite
MSC will host a special event "Kindergartens/Nursery Schools in Yokohama explained in Simple Japanese and English."
Find out what it is like at kindergarten/nursery school in Japan.  Find out what kind of kindergarten/nursery school there is in Kohoku-ku.  Learn the system, how to apply, what needs to be done, and get information from moms whose kids are already enrolled or graduated.
If you have never used Drop or Satellite before, please fill out the user application form.
★ Language: in English and Simple-Japanese
★ Fees: Free of charge 
★ Reservation: Leave your name and contact number at DROP Satellite, 
    TEL: 045-633-1078, FAX: 045-633-1072, 
Twins and Triplets' Meeting 双胞胎家庭聚会
■ Date and Time: 9/5 (Wed) 10:00-11:30   
■ Venue: Nittta Chiku Center, 3236 Shin-yoshida-cho, Kohoku-ku 
Moms with twins or triplets, and moms expecting to be are welcome!  Twins' or triplets' siblings can join, too!
This time, we are collaborating with Nitta Chiku Center and we will be moving along with music♪
Come with easy-fitting clothes and bring something to drink.
■ Inquiries: DROP 045-540-7420 (*in Japanese only)
Waku-waku Kosodate Hiroba
■Date: 9/8 (Sat) 10:00-14:00 
■Venue: Kohoku Kokaido(Auditorium) and Kohoku-ku(ward) Office
■Details: A fun event for kids, parents and guardians, held by staff from nursery schools in Kohoku-ku.
Kohoku High School's festival 'Shikou-sai'
DROP is opening a booth and the festival itself is also exciting, with various food booths and stage performances. Please come and take a look at both DROP's booth and Shikou-sai with your friends and family! 
● Date and Time: 9/8 (Sat) & 9/9 (Sun) 10:00-14:30
● Venue: Kohoku High School (7-35-1 Okurayama, Kohoku-ku)
● Details of DROP's booth: 'Change-shitai' (children and maternity clothing swap)*, Pregnancy Experience (trying on 'mommy tummy suit'), nursing room for nappy changing
* Clothes Wanted for 'Change-shitai'!
We are collecting no longer used clothing for the upcoming 'Change-shitai' (clothing swap event) on 9/10 & 11. Please bring in your no longer used items! 
● Where to bring: from 8/17 (Fri)   DROP
                              9/8 (Sat) - 9/9 (Sun)    DROP booth at 'Shikou-sai' (see above) 
● What you CAN bring: children's clothing (hats and shoes included), maternity-related items and books 
● What you CANNOT bring: toys, adult's clothing and items (maternity-related items excluded) 
● How to prepare your item for swap: For each item, receive clothes tag 'Omoide-baton' from DROP staff. Fill out the tag with details of the item (size, suitable season, memories you had with the item, etc.) and attach it to the item.
English ( 92KB )
한글 ( 1751KB )
中文 ( 1449KB )
英・中・韓 やさしいにほんごのチラシ ( 402KB )
 Why not talk to one of the Yokohama Childcare Support Partners at your local childcare support center? 
 지역의 육아지원 거점인 「요코하마 육아파트너」에 상담해 보시지 않겠습니까?
 地域(ちいき) 子育(こそだ)て 支援拠点(しえん きょてん)の 「横浜(よこはま)子育(こそだ)てパートナー」に 相談(そうだん)しませんか?
かながわ国際交流財団からのお知らせ ( 221KB )
Having and raising a child in the country you did not grow up in, is not a common
thing to experience in your whole life.
Did you know that there are some video streaming services about parenting in Japan,
in 7 languages, supported by Kanagawa International Foundation.
If you are interested, let's check the site by clicking below:
じぶんが そだった くに いがいの ばしょで こどもを うんで 
そだてる のは めったに ない けいけんですね。
かながわ こくさい こうりゅう ざいだん では にほんでの こそだて について 
どうがを みることが できます。
したの さいと から あくせす できるので みてみてくださいね。
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